Early Childhood Center

The Rabbis ask "How will we know if the Jewish Tradition will endure?"

Go to the school house... if you hear children singing, the Jewish Tradition will endure.

SHALOM! The Temple Beth Shalom Nursery School offers our preschoolers a remarkable opportunity to participate in a very special early childhood program. In our warm and nurturing Temple setting, we provide stimulating experiences to promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of our young students while responding to the needs of families. We have terrific classes for two-, three- and four-year-old children.

Play and exploration are our methods; creative materials are our tools for learning. Socialization and language development are two important goals. Our culturally enriched program combines music, art and creative movement to enhance the children's experiences and to learn about Jewish holidays and traditions.

Under the magical, inspired indefatigable leadership of our own Judy Michael, the Temple Beth Shalom Early Childhood Center starts our synagogue day with the joyful sound of children's voices. Add to this our deeply committed and loving early-childhood staff... and we understand why our nursery school is the crown jewel of Temple Beth Shalom.

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