Dor L'Dor

Generation to Generation, this wonderful program brings together the generations in our community. Every week, senior members of the Congregation volunteer to read books to our Nursery School children. Then, the adults meet each month before the Rabbi's luncheon to share their experiences.

A national early childhood journal devoted to the latest issue to Language and Literacy and the first article includes a statement about the importance of reading aloud: "Reading aloud invites children into the world of books, takes them on journeys to faraway lands, and motivates them to learn and explore... reading aloud to your children prepares them for later proficiency in independent reading and writing. It is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for independent reading." (Young Children, July 2014.) This wonderful program is provided in conjunction with Project SEED (Supporting Early Emotional Development). Of course, in addition to parents and teachers who routinely read aloud to them, Dor L'Dor expands and enriches these benefits and at the same time brings our members close to the youngest in our community.

To volunteer, call our Temple Office.