History Classes

Texts of Jewish History
A study of the prominent texts of the Jewish Tradition (The Bible, Talmud, Codes of Jewish Law). Each text will be placed in its historical context with special emphasis on its applicability to modern Jewish life.

Teacher: Rabbi Schecter
Time: Every other Wednesday from 9:45-11:00am, or as scheduled
First Class: Wednesday September 13
Place: Library

New and Newer Apporaches to Understanding Jewish History from Biblical Times to the Present
In this series of get-togthers we'll discuss how the views of historians have changed in the last half-century or so. We can't change the past– it's "over and gone"– but our understanding of the past is repeatedly revised as the present changes. Recent decades have seen an outpouring of innovative scholarship on the history of the Jewish people and Judaism. What is new in our understanding of the interconnections between history of the Jewish people and of the Jewish religion? What disputes and controversies have surfaced? Our group will read essays and chapters of various books and discvuss, debate, and sometimes agree on the meanings of Jewsihness and the Jewish tradition.

Teacher: Rabbi Robert Seltzer
Time: Wednesday evenings. 7:30-9:00 pm (SEE CALENDAR)
First Meeting: October 19, by schedule, generally twice a month
Place: Red Room

Shabbat Morning Torah Study

This class will study the weekly Torah portion and commentaires with shared responsibility for leading discussions.

Coordinators: Rabbi Schecter and Cantor Joseph
Time: Saturday mornings 9:00-10:00 am
Starts: September 9