Social Action Committee


The Temple Beth Shalom Board has inaugurated a Social Action Committee (SAC), comprised both of board and non-board members. The work of the SAC comes out of a long tradition of Reform Jewish values. Our purpose is to build on TBS's existing social service and social justice advocacy and further integrate such activities into the life of our congregation. Click here to see our overarching goals and hereto see how the Committee will operate. Our GUIDING PRINCIPLES are set out directly below.


We welcome your participation on the Social Action Committee! For more information or to join the Committee, please contact TBS Board members Wendy Naidich [] or Naria Halliwell [] or Cantor Robin Joseph []


L’hakir B’ tzelem Elohim—To Recognize We Are Each Created in the Image of God. We are committed to seeing the humanity in others, raising awareness of issues which affect our world, and finding points of connection with those in need. We seek to participate in educational opportunities and activities which lead us to these goals. Lirdof Tzedek—To Pursue Justice—We look to foster and engage in social justice activities so as to address the inequalities and injustices in our society. L’takein et haOlam—To Repair the World—We affirm our congregation’s ethical and social responsibilities to our community, our nation and the world. Looking outward, we recognize that we can help mend our world through service projects, social action and social advocacy. L’ havi Lidei—To Bring About—It is through the work of our hands, through our deeds, and through our partnerships with our local and global communities by which we are strengthened. It is through constructive action that we ensure that all individuals and their communities flourish.