Temple Life

"One can be a Jew with God or against God, but not without God"

We join together on Shabbat, holidays and especially on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to "daven" - a Yiddish word which means "wandering." Our souls wander to the past and to the future, we transcend ourselves and become "architects of time." Through songs and stories we renew our covenant with those who are no longer here and those who are not yet born. "Davka" - in spite of history - we give meaning to history, we search for meaning in life, and we remind ourselves and our children that there is a spark of God in every human being.


We Welcome our New Members

Randy and Kristin Trager
M. Gregory Thomas and Jillian Miller
Steve and Joanna Sirota
Ben Newman and Shoshana Leis
Edo Navot and Donna Erez-Navot
Ryan and Gwen Merkin
Martin Kounitz
Joshua and Lisa Konstadt
Alan and Paula Ives
Jonathan and Tammy Horowitz
Alan and Tracy Hirsh
Marc and Lisa Hirschheimer
Ariel Mazer and Bibi Geller-Mazer
Jonathan and Pam Coren
Matthew and Tammy Black
Ian and Melissa Berman

We extend our condolences to

Shirley Altman, on the death of her sister Miriam Levin
Lynn Levine, on the death of her brother Channing Donahower
Jonathan Abady, on the death of his brother Jason Abady
Beth Berkowitz, on the death of her mother Elaine Fishkin
Terry Buchalter, on the death of his brother Barry Buchalter
Phyllis Vine, on the death of her brother Bryan Vine
Julie Morgenstern and Barbara Rothenstein on the death of their mother Shirley Rothenstein
Keith Abrams, on the death of his father Samuel Abrams
Doug Schneider, on the death of his father William Schneider
Louis Schwartz, on the death of his mother Iris Schwartz

We congratulate the following

Marna and Larry Solarsh, on the marriage of their daughter Amanda to Maxwell Lee
Marjorie and Daniel Rosenfield, on the marriage of their son Daniel to Cecilia Zuniga